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ME FC001 Retail Front Counter Design for Eye Wear Store

Eye Wear Retail Front Counter

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Eye Wear Retail Front Counter

    • Dimensions: L 37 1/2″ x D 18″ x H 36″
    • Display Capacity: Front Counter
    • Material: MDF Prelam
    • Color: Available in various colors
    • Glass: Top and front glass panels
    • Tray Provision: Acrylic trays for product display
    • Customization: Tailorable to individual preferences
    • Assembly: Customer’s responsibility
    • Installation: Customer’s responsibility

Revamp your retail area with our versatile Eye Wear Retail Front Counter, a fusion of style and utility for showcasing eyewear. The counter’s compact dimensions (L 37 1/2″ x D 18″ x H 36″) make it an ideal choice for displaying eyewear collections.

Crafted from durable MDF Prelam, this counter boasts resilience and an elegant appearance. Its color options offer flexibility to harmonize with your store’s decor. The incorporation of both top and front glass panels ensures a comprehensive view of eyewear items from different vantage points. The counter also includes a designated space for acrylic trays, promoting organized and captivating product presentation.

The standout feature of the Eye Wear Front Counter is its adaptability. It can be effortlessly tailored to your specific needs, permitting a display that resonates with your brand’s identity. Whether you’re emphasizing high-end sunglasses or an array of optical frames, this counter adapts flawlessly.

Keep in mind that the responsibility for assembly and installation rests with the customer. However, with user-friendly instructions, constructing the counter is a hassle-free endeavor.

Elevate your retail environment using our Eye Wear Front Counter. Its amalgamation of practical design, robust constituents, and customizable facets renders it a valuable asset for any eyewear retailer. Construct an enticing display that magnetizes customers and accentuates your products optimally.

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